How to Wear Green in 2016

Views: 307 , Posted: 12 May, 2016

The color green is trending this year in menswear fashion, so you definitely need to try it out. Many of you may be a little confused on how you can wear this color. Not to worry because we have a few ideas for you. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at trying out different fashion trends, these ideas will certainly help you out!

Green Tailored Suit Jacket

If you are tired of wearing that blue or grey suit jacket all the time, then it’s time to spice things up. Go for an olive green color as it’s an easy hue to try out. Try wearing it with a Cuban colored shirt and some white pants for the ultimate outfit idea.

Go Monochrome

A monochrome look with the color green is something else you can try out. When trying out this look, don’t go for plain pieces as your outfit will look too boring. Wear a plain long sleeved tee with a pair of khaki shorts or switch it up with a pattern or printed green shirt and some plain shorts/jeans.

Leg It On

Green pants are the next big thing this summer. You can easily invest in this color without going too overboard. There are many different ways to wear these pants, so make sure to do so and don’t be afraid to experiment with new things.

Emerald Green

Muted greens are easy to handle, but if you really want to stand out then go for emerald green because it’s a more dazzling choice. You can go for a sweatshirt and wear it with blue jeans. If this is too much for you, keep things simple with accessories such as a tie or even a watch strap.

Have fun wearing green in 2016!