About Us


           Bria & Company is an American Menswear Lifestyle brand that designs and produces exclusive premium products. The brand is influenced by clean, classical, and minimalist elements that are embodied through our products. Each season, our collections are carefully crafted, one by one, in limited quantities. We've matched exclusivity with exceptional quality and strong design to bring high end products to our customers. You won't find anyone else wearing our products, because they are made only in exclusive quantities. Once we are sold out, we will not restock that item ever again. To show our dedication to exclusivity and quality, each one of our products is individually numbered in the order that it was made. Since our launch in April of 2016, our only objective has been to bring exquisite taste and flavorful designs to those that love true exclusivity. So go ahead, give us a shot, we hope you will love our selection of limited styles and designs!